2 Chainz

2 Chainz - Feeling You

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2-hour long conversations on the phone, can't get you outta my mind

Baby are you feeling me, feeling you...

Everything you say and everything you do gets me lost in you days at a time

Tell me are you feeling me, feeling you... 2 Chaaaiinzz

[Verse 1]

Breaking up with my ex was the hard part

Had to pull the ass out like the gar-bage

Bout to take this new thang to a pinnacle

You feel me, feeling you I ma-ssage your physical

Thank God... I'm spiritual

She ask me what I'm finna do I say get into you

One leg up followed by the other

Get a little head then I find a rubber

We don't talk on the phone - we Tiger text

That mean she send a few flicks and I send a check

You 'memba Shonda, the one that had a Honda

Good head on her, you can learn a lot from her


[Verse 2]

In the a.m. I think about her fragrance

When she met me I made her change all her statements

Not what she say... but what she bank

And how she think... I can't complain

On to the next one pro-gression

Keep the past and the present, separate

I got alotta spots like a leopard

One to trap in, one to have sex in

One to stack in, one to get dressed in

I'm getting married Ben Franklin my best man

3 cell phones she got all the numbers

I told her right then it was all or nothing

Yeah I'm on that loud I know you heard of me

Hair-weave killer, emergency

Hair-weave killer, I murder weaves

Hair-weave killer, murder scene

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