2 Chainz

2 Chainz - BFF

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Whole lotta money that my BFF

Keep a Glock .40 in my Fendi belt

Gettin' so much cash I don't need a wallet

Ya smokin' on that trash, throw it in the garbage

Young street nigga comin' from the pot

Hangin' on the block, kicking wit the convict

They say that money talk so don't ya make a comment

I'm proud of myself muthafucka I done it

(Verse: 2 Chainz)

Done it, done it, done it man I'm running up

Tity Boi 'bout to fuck the summer up

Order some new thing fo' the Wraith

3rd chain on to get her naked

I'ma poster child fo' the hustle

Ya a poser child fo' them busters

Game up fo' grabs, I'ma take it

Try to stay down like the pavement

Live by the code, keep it true

Anythin' and everythin' to get a loot

Nigga think they trill but I'm trilla

Nigga think they ill but I'm illa

Nigga think they big but I'm larger

Pussy ya ain't nothing but a target

Smoking on joints, getting massages

Keep dodging me and I charge up


(Verse 2: 2 Chainz)

In first class they ask me what I do

Had a stove, microwave and a blender too

Pull up on yo set in a sixty two

Pull up on yo set just to send em through

Shitting on them niggas like an enema

Fuck the bitch, had to say I'm into 'er

Nigga know I know I'm being winterful

Niggas I know I know I don't give any fucks

Sold my Monte Carlo, bought a Cadillac

Sold my Cadillac and went and got a Beamer

I used to put my drawers in the cleaners

Trap down the street from Phillips Arena

Spend a little money ya can't take it wit ya

They said the feds out here taking pictures

Well I'm the freshest nigga on their Instagram

Hashtag makin' bands, yes I am


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