2 Chainz

2 Chainz - A Milli Billi Trilli

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It's the moon rock shit

You gotta mix this with some regular OG

Cuz this shit be burnin' crazy, damn


Cummin' a bitch and I go crazy

Spend all these racks and I go crazy

Leave out the parkin lot doin' a 180

This how the lord made me

Drop the top and start sun bathin

Put her on a treadmill and then I make her run naked

Got all my side hoe frustrated

This the life I waited on

Seen a bitch from school, gave her number to a payphone

I don't know what you been waitin on

All that I know is that I been waitin long

I ain't waitin to get no lone

Provolone on top of Provolone

Mobile phone on top of mobile phone

I'on watch you niggas smoking on

Pull my closet gotta Ost there

Mobile home on top of mobile home

I go to sleep with a rollie on

I start my car with remote control

Get some more pussy

I go to sleep with a condom on

(Hook 1)

[Fuck it, I want me a milli x 3

I'm gettin' it, I'm gettin' it, no really I'm gettin' it] x 2


Fuck I'm the king of the city

I don't take a trip less I got a bitch with me

I pull up wit pounds or I got a zip in me

You don't want no problems, my guys here, don’t tell me

My niggas go bap bap bap bap till it's empty

Fuck two every night in five days that's a 10 piece

My bitch that I'm with that's a ten piece

I'm pourin' that gen in assembly

You niggas so fake need assembly

I'm smokin' weed, fuck the penalty

Ridin' round in a old school, with two hoes and little old me

Fuck I'ma do wit this money, but walk in the club and start stuntin'

Push all my old bitches buttons

Came up from nothin' to somethin

Tell her take the stick, don't run from me

There's some for you, there's some for me

So if we have this three some, make sure you cum for me

All that bullshit is up under me, smoking gas ain't no tumble weed

All of this cash that's another thin

Black and yellow like a bumblebee

(Hook 2)

[Fuck it, I want me a billi x 2

I'm gettin' it, I'm gettin' it, no really I'm gettin' it] x 2


Fuck it, I want me a milli (You can have it)

So went and got me a milli (You can have it)

Now I want me a billi (You can have it)

I don't think I have a ceilin

I can come thru with no semi

I give a fuck how you feelin

I can tell you how you lookin'

Nigga you ain't used to winnin'

Had the chick in me she wan’

In Miami, Mr. Winner

Ran a 14 for breakfast, prime 112 for dinner

Mix it all and go out from jail

Got a heart of a killer

Take the pussy, I'll kill it

What up Tip? What up Killa?

(Hook 3)

[Fuck it, I want me a trilli x 3

I'm gettin' it, I'm gettin' it, no really I'm gettin' it] x 2

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