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NAS - Thugz Mirror Freestyle Lyrics

[verse 1]Yo, my man was regulatin on niggas he used to thug withOlder niggas in this murder game, drug czarsBm, jaguars, they cash was largeSince he was wild, they let him inHe did a crazy number of thingsTo put himself deeper under they wingIt didn't take long for duke to get onStudied they movements - who would kill, who was strongStudied like a student, got it bloody, he was shootinDrivin they cars, robbin connectsDrivin his lex, keys was movinYoung don, now they know they weaknessThey never seen it cominSon was on some real take over the streets hitNow he got his own crew of young guns clickin nowRicher now, now they run shit, see how it flips around? [verse 2]Dudes be, comin from bids thinkin shit is differentCause the streets move fast, you blink, you could miss itI just sit back and, think of my last 20 years6 pack, gunnin my years, jet black, blunt in my earReal relaxed, readin real loves stories likeCeaser and cleopatra, we need another actress to play herCause liz taylor's hot, but the egyptian queenOn the movie screen needs to be portrayed in a proper flavaHopped in the shower, threw on the boxers with the baby oilBaby powder, night owl, movin to later hours, onlyFuckin with kings, niggas officialIf you phony, come in the circle, niggas'll diss youWe converse on the state of hip hopWe share the same views and feelingsHe sling cain, crib costin 2 millionHe plan to leave the streets foreverBut niggas that wanted him left himDead in the streets 'fore I can tell him

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