The Incredible String Band - Rainbow Lyrics

Golden seeds of autumn streak the purple sky
miles of amber raindrops stretch between our hands
just then, just then
my heart lept high
beautiful colours danced
in my eye
walked to the window
looked up at the sky

As I lit an evening candle
feeling you were there with me
all around me, saw your love come shining brightly
You're a rainbow

And me I'll come shining though
Rain's gone, and the sky is blue
I'm a Rainbow too

No-one can say how long I've loved you
Rainbow shine
no-one can say cos nobody knows
Rainbow rainbow rainbow time

Morning light of springing snowdrop
golden sun - at midday hour
twilight violet
midnight stars come shining silver
you're a rainbow

and you take my breath away
you make me stop and say
I'm a rainbow too
If you see a soft light falling
And you feel I'm there with you
All those colours
They do not come from the candle, Oh no
you're a rainbow

Born are the words
On the silent wings of love
So dear to me, sweet song of love
Coloured are the words with the rainbow of truth
So dear to me
As long as I live I will sing that song so dear
So dear to me

And merging with mine the voice of all that you are will shine
so dear to me
sweet song of love

And me I'll come shining through
Rain's gone and the sky is blue
I'm a rainbow too

No-one can say how long I've loved you
rainbow shine
No-one can say, cos nobody knows
Rainbow rainbow time

Me, I'm not missing you
I'm right there kissing you
I'm a rainbow too

I can tell by your eyes
You've been singing that old sweet song
Let your love roll on
Everybody here I think will agree
That they can sing that song
As good as can be
You know I'd hate to go
I'd hate to go
Before I see everybody here
Shine like a rainbow

I have seen you there

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