Nofx - Vanilla Sex Lyrics

Don't ever take away from me my pornographyWe obviously don't agree on what's obsceneI have the right to choose what iWant to see and readDon't try to take away from meMy tight to privacy what iDo is no one business but meSo stay in your missionary positionI hope that you got bored to deathThere's no way I'm going thru lifeHaving vanilla sexThe governments trying to get inYour bedroom you better lock youDoor and close you shades becauseThere could be someone watching you todayWhy do you try to make things illegalWhy do we have to be 21Are you afraid that people are havingToo much funWhy do you care what I do in my bedroomWhy do you want to know how I screwIt seems to me you've got nothing betterTo do.

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