Nofx - The Decline Lyrics

Where are all the stupid people from? And how'd they get to be so dumb? Bred on purple mountain rangeFeed amber waves of grainsTo lesser human beings, zero feelingsBlame it onHuman nature, mans destiny (mans destiny)Blame it on the greediocracy (greediocracy)Fear of godThe fear of changeThe fear of truthAdd the bill of rights, subtract the wrongsThere's no answersMemorize and sing star spangled songsWhen the questionsAren't ever askedIs anybody learning from the past? We're living in united stagnationFather what have I done? I took that 22A gift to me from youTo bed with me each nightKept it cleanPolished it wellCherished every cartridge, every shellDown, by the creek, under brush, under dirtThere's a carcass of my second killDown, by the park, under stone, under pineThere's a carcass of my brother williamBrother where, have you gone to? I swear, I never thought I couldI see so many timesThey told me to shoot straightDon't pull the trigger, squeezeThat will insure a killA kill is what you wantA kill is why we breedThe christians love their gunsThe church and nraPray for their salvationsPrey on the lower faithsThe story book's been readAnd every line believedCurriculum's been setLogic is a threatReason searched and seizedJerry spent some time in michiganA twenty year vacation, after all he had a dimeA dime is worth a lot more in detroitA dime in california, a twenty dollar fineJerry only stayed a couple monthsIt's hard to enjoy yourself while bleeding out the assAsphyxiation is simple and fastIt beats seventeen fun years of being someones bitchDon't think (stay)Drink your wine (home)Watch the fire burn (be)His problems not mine (safe)Just be that model citizenI wish I had a schilling(for each senseless killing)For every senseless killingI'd buy a governmentAmerica's for saleAnd you can get a good deal on it(a good deal on it)And make a healthy profitOr maybe, tear it apartStart with assumptionThat a million people are smartSmarter than oneSerotonin's goneShe gave up, drifted awaySara fled, thought process goneShe left her answering machine onThe greeting left spoken sincereMessages no one will ever hearTen thousand messages a dayA million more transmissions layVictims of the laissez faireTen thousand voices, a hundred gunsA hundred decibels turns to oneOne bullet, one empty headNow with serotonin goneThe man who used to speakPerforms a cute routineFeel a little patronizedDon't feel badThey found a way inside your headAnd you feel a bit misledIt's not that they don't care, yeahThe television's put a thought inside your headLlike a barry manilow, jingleI'd like, to teach the world to singIn perfect harmonyA symphonic blank stare, yeahIt doesn't make you care (make you care)Not designed to make you care (make you care)They're betting you won't care (you won't...)Place a wager on your greedA wager on your prideWhy try to beat them when, a million others tried? We are the whoreIntellectually spayedWe are the queerDysfunctionally raisedOne more pill to kill the painOne more pill to kill the painOne more pill to kill the painLiving through conformityOne more prayer to keep me safeOne more prayer to keep us warmOne more prayer to keep us safeThere's gonna be a better placeLost the battle, lost the warLost the things worth living forLost the will to win the fightOne more pill to kill the painNa na na na naLa na na na naNa na na na naNa na na na naThe going get tough, the tough get debtDon't pay attention, pay the rentNext of kins pay for your sinsA little faith should keep us safeSave usThe human, existenceIs failing, resistanceEssential, the futureWritten off, the odds areAstronomically against usOnly moron and geniusWould fight a losing battleAgainst the super egoWhen giving in is so damn comfortingAnd so we go, on with our livesWe know the truth, but prefer liesLies are simple, simple is blissWhy go against tradition when we canAdmit defeat, live in declineBe the victim of our own designThe status quo, built on suspectWhy would anyone stick out their neck? Fellow membersClub we've got oursI'd like to introduce you to our hostHe's got his, and I've got mineMeet the declineWe are the queerWe are the whoreAmmunitionIn the class warWe are workerWe love our queenWe sacrificeWe're soilent greenWe are the queerWe are the whoreAmmunitionIn the class war

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