Nofx - My Vagina Lyrics

My vagina has two set of lips, but I don't getMonthly blood drips, my vagina hardly even usedMy vagina got lots of extra skin. they took myOuttie and made it and made it in. turning dounie intoMarie osmandOperation succesfull, but now I gotta pee thru aMiniature hole, gotta remember to put the seatDown and when I wipe my ass I go fromFront to back cause I don't wanna bladder infectionI never tought I'd miss my vas deferansI trade it for a pair of huge kins cansNow I got to hang with lesbiansOperation paid up front now I show allMy friends my new designer cuntThey think I'm kinda weird but that'sOk with me cause now I kick their ass from the ladies tee there'sNothing finer than having a vagina

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