Nofx - Medio-core Lyrics

Medio-coreIt's not forsakenThe music they're makin'Will leave you with a feeling of indifferenceHow was the band? They were okay (okay)Not great (all right)But pretty goodThey played the songs I knew they wouldSome oldSome newThe same formula stays trueWe can conquerIt's medio-coreSingSing a songMake it simpleSo all the kids can sing along (ahh)Sing along (ahh)The list keeps growin'The melodies been stolenRemind me of songs sung in the 70'sYou might fool the kidsBut you don't fool meHave you ever heard of something calledAboriginality? Is it absurdTo compose music no one's ever heardPredictabilityLike a bussom will comfort themMy one true foeL.c.d.(medio-core) it's upper poweredThe riffs are all deflowered(medio-core) it's spreading fasterThan british tooth decay(medio-core) are you ready to rock? How y'all doing tonight? (medio-core) you condescending fucksMake me wanna laugh and puke at the same time.(medio-core)I want to speakThis song sounds like fifteen you've heard beforeMedio-coreSingSing a songMake it simpleSo all the kids can sing along (ahh)Sing along (ahh)

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