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Nofx - Liza & Louise Lyrics

Liza's had enough of menShe says, she won't get buried againShe says, they don't know how to fuckHer last boyfriend, the shmuckShared with her a nice diseaseKept her passive, on her knees'til one day she took his carAnd drove it to the cityLiza had put down a fewWhen she met this girl named louWho convinced her to go home with herShe said, 'my name's louiseNow will you take off my clothes please? I want to take you to the moon and backSo get on your back.'With a flick of the tongueShe made her screamShe made her laughShe made her danceShe was happy for the first timeAnd you know she wanted moreNow with her legs spread widerShe needed to have louise inside herShe said, 'I'll never forget the first timeYou kissed me, now I want you to fist me.'Louise didn't need a second invitationShe knew just what to do ( x 2 )Liza had cum a few times beforeBut she had never even seen the doorInto the world of pleasures of the fleshShe felt just like 16And her life before now was a dreamOr even a nightmare thats over and doneJust like warm healing raysShining from the sun(liza and louise courtesy of fat wreck chords)

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