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The Fatima Mansions - Chemical Cosh [Scream Mix] Lyrics

("I'm gonna kill myself over your dead body
if you fuck anybody but me.")
("These people...[...?]...the shit out of these people.")
("I'm with a girl and we couldn't [get ran over?]")
("I'm going to piss on you.")

Alcohol, heroin, THC
[Resignation, irony...?]

Chemical (cosh!)

One for the rich, and one for the poor
The only distinction is the thickness of the front door
[...?] though I don't give a fuck
[You play this game, the land is yours]--good luck

Chemical (cosh!)
It's the only kind we got (cosh!)
if you won't come across!

They will have it known you're mad if you won't fit their equation
They will have you for not being rich or body-tax evasion
And they'll pay some stoned stockbroker's son
to phone and say, "I'm coming round and bringing my machine gun."

Chemical (cosh)
It's a [...?] and a boot in the chops
in the [...] decade which denim forgot
[Got? God?] (cosh!)

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