MISSY ELLIOTT - Ain't That Funny Lyrics

[intro: missy]This is another missy elliot exclusive[verse 1: missy]I remember when yo ass was broke, so in love wit meYou were always at home, always talkin boutLoan me this, loan me that, now gimme gimmeAnd then ya got doe, and decide ya wanna leaveGotta few chicks checkin for ya now, huh, you forgot about me(ain't it funny)[chorus]When ya man gets moneyI bet you can't find himBut when he come home begginYou can't deny himWhere he at when you need him? (he's out lookin cute)But when he need a few dollersHe know who to run to[verse 2]We would go out, I had to pay for everythingI never had to worry about you fuckin 'roundYou used to tell me yea I love ya, no one above yaThen I bought you clothes, I made ya look like a kingThen the girls started flirtin wit ya ass, huh, and you forgot about me(ain't it funny)[chorus][hook]I'll be the one you runnin toWhen yo pockets is lowAnd you outta cash flowAnd the chicks don't want you no mo'[beat comes back in]Be the one you runnin toWhen you got no mo' gasIn those buses, catchin cabsAnd the chicks don't see you no mo'[chorus]

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