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Demon Hunter - Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck Lyrics

[Originally by Prong]

Nothing breeds more contempt for this world
Than memories now formed
Every moment a new seed
Is grown to no reason, the trouble unfolds
For the trials of today
I'm no jury, really don't care how you feel
The pleasant notion of miraculous change
Drifts into multiple jeers

You want the good life
You break your back
You snap your fingers, you snap your neck

Seconds drip through my hands
Washed of moments unborn
All the spaces between bleed
A tribute to the sacrament never exposed
A message to the forces,
I've no pity, don't know how thankful to feel
Expectations of my daily bread
Gives me the hunger to steal


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2012-05-03 03:27:36 by anonymous
that they eat lots of meals out of a microwave bec they dont hv the time to cook n only hv nanines to take care of their 3 young girls. I hv no doubt that a fortune is spent on a team that makes her looked very good in public. So yes, bags of gold does help hehe.I hv read that celebraties hv stylists on standby yep, they can snap their finger n the crew will come running to transform the diva into a vamp !Apart from wanting a wardrobe with perfectly matching ensembles, I would really like to leave the tedious household chores to someone else ! Any takers ? *wink*