LOU REED - So Alone Lyrics

She calls on the phoneShe says she doesn't want to be aloneShe says it's making her neuroticBut please don't mistake it for being eroticSo alone, so all aloneShe says let's go for a walkWe'll have a drink and maybe we will talkAnd he thinks she has possibilitiesIf she could just put away her rosarySo alone, nobody wants to be aloneBut I just didn't knowI swear to you, I just didn't knowI would never make you sadIf I had known I never would haveSaid those things to youYou have to be crazy to say those things to youLet's face it I made a mistakeWell you know, fools rush in where angels take a breakI can't be smart all of the timeAnd anyway I didn't know you were making time over himTo tell you the truth, I forget all about himAnd you know, I don't think it's niceAsking one man about another man's viceI don't care if you pick my headAs long as we end up in bedAlone, just the two of us aloneI just didn't knowI swear to god, I just didn't knowCan't you understand that it's frighteningWhen you hear women talking about castrating and hating menWho wants to know about how you hate menWell, you said now you wanted to danceSo now we're going to danceYou said that you weren't completeBut we're going to put you on your feetYou said that you were very vexedYou told me to forget about sexYou said you liked me for my mindWell, I really love your behindOh, get up and boogie, oh baby, get up and danceOh, get, get, get, get up and boogie, baby, oh, get up and danceShake your booty, mama, oh, get up and danceYour points very clearYou're not one to cry into your beerWhy don't we go to my placeBelieve me, I'm very chasteAnd I'm so alone, ao all aloneSure all men are beastsHey, look, I'll sit here quietly and I'll stare at my feetI don't blame you for taking umbrageWith animals staring at your cleavageSo alone, we're so all aloneHey, do you mind if I turn out the lightDon't take offense, but why don't you spend the nightI know your passions run very deepBut at this point we both need sleepSo alone, and who wants to be alone

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