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LOU REED - Intro sweet Jane Lyrics

Standing on the cornerSuitcase in my handJack's in his corset, jane is in her vestMe, honey, I'm in a rock 'n' roll bandRidin' in a stutz bearcat, jimThose were different timesThey studied rules of verseAnd those ladies they rolled their eyesSweet janeSweet janeSweet janeJack, he is a bankerJane, she is a clerkBoth of them save their moneyWhen they come home from workSittin' by the fireRadio does play, look classical music there, kidsThe march of the wooden soldiersYou can hear jack saySweet janeSweet janeSweet janeSome people like to go out dancingAnd other people like us, we gotta workAnd there's even some evil mothersThey'll tell you that life is just made out of dirtAnd women never really faintAll the villains always blink their eyesThat children are the only ones who blushAnd life is just to dieAnyone who ever had a heartAnd wouldn't turn around and break itAnyone who ever played a partAnd wouldn't turn around and hate itSweet janeSweet janeSweet janeSweet jane, sweet janeSweet jane, oh honey, sweet janeSweet jane, oh, sweet janeSweet jane, sweet jane

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