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LOU REED - Dime Store Mystery Lyrics

He was lying banged and battered, skewered and bleedingTalking crippled on the crossWas his mind reeling and heaving hallucinatingFleeing what a lossThe things he hadn't touched or kissed his sensesSlowly stripped awayNot like buddha not like vishnuLife wouldn't rise through him againI find it easy to believeThat he might question his beliefsThe beginning of the last temptationDime story mysteryThe duality of nature, godly nature,Human nature splits the soulFully human, fully divine and dividedThe great immortal soulSplit into pieces, whirling pieces, oppositesAttractFrom the front, the side, the backThe mind itself attacksI know the feeling, I know it from beforeDescartes through hegel belief is never sureDime store mystery, last temptationI was sitting drumming thinking thumping ponderingThe mysteries of lifeOutside the city shrieking screaming whisperingThe mysteries of lifeThere's a funeral tomorrowAt st. patrick's the bells will ring for youAh, what must you have been thinkingWhen you realized the time had come for youI wish I hadn't thrown away my timeOn so much human and so much less divineThe end of the last temptationThe end of a dime store mystery

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