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LOU REED - Caroline Says I Lyrics

Caroline says that I'm just a toyShe wants a man, not just a boyOh, caroline says, ooohhh, caroline saysCaroline says she can't help but be meanOr cruel, or oh so it seemsOh, caroline says, caroline saysShe say she doesn't want a man who leansStill she is my germanic -- queenYeah, she's my queenThe things she does, the things she saysPeople shouldn't treat others that wayBut at first I thought I could take it allJust like poison in a vialHey, she was often very vileBut of course, I thought I could take it allCaroline says that I'm not a manSo she'll go get it catch as catch canOh, caroline says, yeah, caroline saysCaroline says moments in timeCan't continue to be only mineOh, caroline says, yeah, caroline saysShe treats me like I am a foolBut to me she's still a german -- queen, ooohhh, she's my -- queen, ya ...Queen, hey baby, she's my queen(queen)(queen)(queen)(queen)(queen)(queen)(queen)(queen)...

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