Black Bomb A - Mad Men Lyrics

Behind the door what can you hear ?
_ sorrows
Who do you think they belong
_ to a woman
Why does she stop breathing now?
_she's dying
why can't your hands shake anymore ?
_ i loved her, i desired her and hated her
i felt so bad when her eyes read my secret lines
mercy me ! don't smile anymore !
_ she's cold
anger's growing as I look at you
_ come with me

Now it's time for you to taste the distress
you could never have suspected in me
Now it's time for you to feel my violence
a violence we built, together

I love her body so much
her moist and half opened sex
my hands stained by her blood
and sperm
for life I will bear the scars
within my flesh

Hate, violence, Anger
I've learnt through you
I'll never be able to soothe
the distress burning within me
Just one goal for me
to take your life
Only for revenge

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