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LED ZEPPELIN - Trampled Under Foot Lyrics

Grease me straight down, good electricI could lay it on the road, mama, it ain't no trickTalkin' 'bout loveTalkin' 'bout loveTalkin' 'boutOoh, trouble-free transmission, helps your oil's flowMama, let me pump your gas, mama, let me do it allTalkin' 'bout love, huhTalkin' 'bout love, oohTalkin' 'boutTake that heavy metal underneath your hoodBaby, I could work all night, leave a big pile of tubesTalkin' 'bout lo-oveTalkin' 'bout lo-oveTalkin' 'boutAutomobile club-covered, really built in styleSpecial is tradition, mama, let me feast my eyesTalkin' 'bout loveTalkin' 'bout loveTalkin' 'boutFactory air-conditioned, wind begins to riseGuaranteed to run for hours, mama, and brand-new tiresTalkin' 'bout loveTalkin' 'bout loveTalkin' 'boutGroovin' on the freeway, blazes on the road]from now on my gasoline is even gonna conk your hairTalkin' 'bout loveTalkin' 'bout loveTalkin' 'boutI can't stop talkin' aboutI can't stop talkin' aboutOoh, yeah-yeah, yes, ah, drive onOoh, yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yes, I'm comin' throughCome to me for service every hundred milesBaby, let me check your valves, fix your overdriveTalkin' 'bout loveTalkin' 'bout loveTalkin' 'boutOoh, yes, fully automatic, comes in any sizeMakes me wonder what I did, before I got synchronizedTalkin' 'bout lo-oveTalkin' 'bout loveTalkin' 'boutOoh, feather-light suspension, coils just couldn't holdI'm so glad I took a look inside your showroom doorsTalkin' 'bout loveTalkin' 'bout lo-oo-oh-oveTalkin' 'boutOh yeah, oh yeahOh, I can't stop talkin' about loveI can't stop talkin' about loveOoh, let me go in down, go in down, go in down, go in down, go in down, yesI can't stop talkin' aboutI can't stop talkin' about lo-oh', babyI can't stop talkin' about love, or my babyI can't stop talkin' about love, my baby, uh, my baby, my baby, yeahUnnh, push, push, push it, push, pushOunheahhonhouh

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