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LED ZEPPELIN - What Is & What Should Never Be Lyrics

And if I say to you tomorrow,Take my hand, child, come with me.It's to a castle I will take you,Where what's to be, they say will be.*catch the wind, see us spin,Sail away, leave today,Way up high in the sky.But the wind won't blow,You really shouldn't go,It only goes to showThat you will be mineBy takin' our time. ooh!And if you say to me tomorrow,Oh what fun it all would be,Then what's to stop us, pretty baby,But what is and what should never be.* chorusSo if you wake up with the sunrise,And all your dreams are still as new,And happiness is what you need so bad,Girl, the answer lies with you, yeah.* chorusHey, ohOh the wind wont blow and we really shouldn't goAnd it only goes to show-ow-ow.Catch the wind, we're gonna see it spinWe're gonna...sail, little girlDo do do, bop bop a do-ohMy my my my my my yeahEverybody I know seems to know me well--but does anybody know I'm gonna move like hell--but they're never gonna know cause I move like hell.(pick one...heh)

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