Beta Band - Round The Bend Lyrics

I'm going totally round the bend
I don't want to see my friends
I don't want to see my mad friend
Because he's driving me insane

I don't want to see my friends
I'm going totally round the bend
Earlier on today I tried to walk down the street
But my feet kept *slipping* on the pavement

I find myself at 90 degrees to the rest of the world
It's not much fun you can take it from me

I'm not having too good a time
There's people worse off than me,
Don't think I don't realise that,
But I'm going round the bend again
The last thing I wanna do is see my friends again
I'm going quitely round the bend again

I try to function as a normal human being
I washed my car earlier on this evening
And now I'm trying to get it together to cook a little meal
Before I go for a drink with my friends

But I've got no food, I've got no time to go to the supermarket
**It's not that I couldn't make time
It's more I get confused when I get there

People walking past see the green *trees* outside
They see a nice little flat and imagine the person inside
Is having a great old time
Well I wish I was having a *good* a time as
They possibly imagine that I'm having

All I wanna do is go far away
And see things I've never seen before
Like the Pyramids
They weren't built in a day you know
Those 4th dynasty pyramids
Just don't fit into the equation

But I'm so paranoid
I can't even make it to the supermarket
Let alone go to Egypt
To see my favourite pyramid

Now I'm going to go round to Robin's
And try to eat some food there
**Sometimes it eats better if you're in the company of men
He's just said he's had a glass of red wine
So I might have mine

I listened to the Beach Boys just a minute ago
'Wild Honey' it's not their best album
but it's still pretty good
They've got some funny little love songs on there
But its not mainly a Brian Wilson production
So it's probably not as good as something like 'Pet Sounds'

I'm going totally round the bend
I don't wanna see my friends again
I just want to be left alone
And never bothered ever again
Never again, never again, never again
ever again, ever again

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