Bernadette Larson - Nastified Lyrics

Ya! Jae mwo ya. jae oot ip peun got jom bwa.
Oh My GOD u guys! Look at the girl that just walked up in the club!
yeo gi ga o di ra go jo ro go o nya. jin jja gi ga mak him da.
Wha-? AND she's trying to take our men?
Ahh nah, we gotta let her know what's up 'round here!

Who are you, and why you do the things you do
You're messing with my boo
Girl can't you see the man's with me?
Excuse me please, I need some privacy
Girl listen up, I'm onto you
I run this place and the men here too.
Well good for you, if that is true
You might as well tell them what to do.

What're you tryin' to prove to me?
Your tattoo don't mean a thing
Your busty shirt, your sleazy boots
It's not the way I like to look.
I'm sexy, I'm classy, I'm a lady
And this is how i'm nastified (x3)


Welcome to the real east coast
Where your boo-tay ain't considered a beau-tay
Why you creepin' right up in my town?
You thinkin' you can put me down
Well baby girl, I don't think so
I'm not some stupid nasty *uhh!*
I'm sexy, I'm crazy, I'm still a lady!
And this is how i'm nastified (x3)


Why do you keep on tryin' to creep on my man?
I said why why, now why why?
Why can't you go and find yourself your own man?
I said why why I said why why?

This is how we roll here...
And this is how we roll here...



This is how we roll here...

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