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JOE - I Like Sexy Girl Lyrics

UnderstandGirl I'm a different brandI'm not the average manI can show you things you've never seenI'm making plans to fly to the south franceI got ticket in my handSo baby let's just up and leave(1)I'm that romantic typeWho likes do things rightMake love by candle-light'cause I'm that kind of guy(2)I like sexy girlsFrom east to west-coastShe could be ghetto or be a supermodelI like sexy girlsAll kind of womenI got so manyAnd that's just how I'm livingI like the way she move her hipsRun her tongue across her lipsSippin' wine instead of cris so, so sexyThink about her jeansVictoria secret thongsSurely get me sprungLove the way they look on youWe could chill down at the sunset grillOr get lost out in brazilLet's do whateva suits your mood(1) (2)I like the way you shake your thingOoh you make me wanna scream out oooooooohhSo sexy so sexyLooks so good inside your clothesYou don't need your skin exposedAnd stillYou're sexy so sexy(1) repeates and fades out

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