JIMI HENDRIX - Red House Lyrics

There's a red house over yonderOh, that's where my baby staysLord there's a red house over yonderLord that's where my baby staysI ain't been home to see my babyI've just been in jail ninety-nine and one half daysYeah, that's a long time if you know what I meenWait minute something's wrongThis key won't unlock this doorWait a minute something's wrongOh the key won't unlock this doorHey, I have a bad feelin'Lord, my baby don't live here no moreShe didn't say a damn thing about leaving but I still got my guitarHey, I think I'll go back over yonderWay back over yonder across the hillsHey, I think I'll go back over yonder babyWay back over yonder across the hillsHey, my baby don't love me no moreLord, I know good and well that her sister willJimi:Yeah well a like I said before we only ran up a few numbers so letMe try and do this one like we were just jammin' at the house we don't haveA name for yet it's just like an instrumental so we'll just go along with it.It goes somthin' like this.

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