JIMI HENDRIX - Purple Haze Lyrics

{cough? }Purple haze all in my brainLately things just don't seem the sameActin' funny, but I don't know why'scuse me while I kiss the skyPurple haze all aroundDon't know if I'm comin' up or downAm I happy or in misery? What ever it is, that girl put a spell on meHelp meHelp meOh, no, no[faint, spoken lyrics...all questionable]Hammerin'Talkin' 'bout heart 'n'...s-soulI'm talkin' about hard stuffIf everbodys still around, fluff and ease, ifSo far out my mindSomethings happening, somethings happeningOoo, ahhhOoo, {click} ahhh,Ooo, ahhhOoo, ahhh, yeah!Purple haze all in my eyes, uhhDon't know if it's day or nightYou got me blowin', blowin' my mindIs it tomorrow, or just the end of time? OooHelp meAhh, yea-yeah, purple haze, yeahOh, no, ohOh, help mePurple haze, tell me, baby, tell meI can't go on like thisPurple hazeYou're makin' me blow my mind...mamaPurple haze, n-no, noooPurple haze, no, it's painful, baby

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