JIMI HENDRIX - Message To Love Lyrics

Jimi's going to do a thing he wrote called message of loveWell I travel at the speed of a reborn manI got a lot of love to giveFrom the mirrors of my handI sent a message of loveDon't you run awayLook at your heart babyCome on along with me todayWell I am what I am thank godSome people just don't understandWell help them godFind yourselef firstAnd then your toolFind yourself firstDon't you be no foolHere comes a womanWrapped up in chanMessin' with that fool babyYour life is painIf you wanna be freeCome on along with meDon't mess with the manHe'll never understandI said find yourself firstAnd then your talentWork hard in your mindSo you can come aliveYou beter prove to the manYou're as strong as himCause in the eyes of godYou're both children to himDa da doo dooEverybody come aliveEverybody live aliveEverybody love aliveEverybody hear my messageHey, ooooo x5

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