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Nerina Pallot - The Girl From Lakeville Lyrics

The girl comes from Lakeville
Her dad - he cuts hair.
It's a small town in the middle of nowhere.
In tried and tested fashion
She took a plane and headed west
To a city of neuroses, to the one that I love best.

Did you think I couldn't feel it from 5000 miles away?
That I wouldn't sense betrayal in the things he could
not say?
I may be ditsy - I know I'm uncool
But I'm not like you.

Sierra Bonita
That you'll never be.
And I figure for that you'll always hate me.
But beauty is affliction
It scars you from the rest
I only wanted to be ordinary, to be no more, to have
no less.

Did you think he wouldn't think of me when you moved
your hand down there?
That he wouldn't think it strange to run his fingers
through your hair?
Is the one thing that you want the thing you know
you'll never have?
Three lonely people - it's one sorry mess.

Oh my girlfriend, girlfriend
I dig the book you bought
Hey my girlfriend, girlfriend
The record was cool
Oh my girlfriend, girlfriend
You know you made me smile
Oh my girlfriend, girlfriend
I thought we'd be friends for a while...

I thought that we'd be, I thought we'd be friends
What'ya do it for? Hey, what'ya do it for?
Why'd ya make me cry, little girl? Cry.
Oh the books and records, clouds in mind, I think of
you, think of him sometimes...
What'ya do it for?
I won't think about it, I won't think about it
Ever again.Thanks to thudord

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