INSANE CLOWN POSSE - The Shaggy Show Lyrics

From southwest detroit deep within zug islandsIndustrial waste deopository,It's shaggy time!!!Hey, how ya doin down thereIt's nice to see ya, alright!Waddup ya'll? welcome to the showI'm shaggy like you don't fuckin knowThis is my sidekick, fat patHe goes, hahahaha, and all of that (thats right)Anyway on my way here I almost diedThis bitch in front of me was like 105They worry about drunks and late night truckersOld ass bitches tryin to kill motha fuckasThis lady's got her left blinker on for an hour or more then she makes a right into my side doorThis comedy shit's gettin oldThe game is to be sold, not to be toldYou can feel the excitment right? Snoop dogg is with us tonightHahaha thats what I'm sayinOn the shaggy show, shit we ain't playinAnd that ain't it, also on the showAnotha motha fucka that well, most of ya knowYou see 'em with me a lot, he's like a brotherViolent j's in this motha fuckaI like that kid violent jHey mike what's up? how ya doin today? Just great shaggs well thats greatNow lets give a hand, to mike e. clarkAnd that gangsta funk band!We'll be right back with violent j!Do your homies have money? are you broke? YeahDo bitches look at you like some kind of joke? Straight up!Theres nothin you can do except get your phdPlaya hata's degree? Thats right.Awww hell yeahPlayer haters academy located on welfarmIn detroit offers the finest in playerhation tacticsYeah thats rightSuch as the bitch haterHey man fuck that fine ass bitch!Or the look shookerYo bitch I may be ugly but at least I ain't got no money!Or the never ending shooting starJust cuz he got a car he wanna be drivin that bitch!Get your phd and join a nation of playerhationWord up!Ok, my first guest, he's nutty as hellHe just served a half a year in the county jailNow he's back, for now at leastHey violent j's in this bitch ass pieceWaddup yall? what's happeninBeen 6 months and my dick ain't haven itIf I don't hurry up and get me some assI might bust this nut on your tv glassAnyway I'm workin on my brand new shitA brand new group with my homies twiztidIt's called dark lotus, should I play some for ya'll? Hell nahNow I been hearin a little about this and thatAbout you havin some kinda panic attackTell us, um is it true? And when you have one, what tha fuck do you do? Well I'll be sittin there enjoyin a coffeeAnd then all of a sudden I'm like, get off me!Then I start chokin out pedestriansUntil they give me my shot of calafalestrienBut thats all over now and thats thatI'm a perfectly normal necropheliacJust don't test me, or pull strings forget itI might grab your neck and do bad things with itWell on that note, thank you j, for realWell just pop you one of them selopian pillsTake your ass back stage and relaxSnoop dogg is commin up next!!!Stay right here we'll be right backI like my chili hot, as a matter of factI like my chilli so God damn hot,That you can cook a hogs ass in a spoonfullWhen a workin man such as myself wants a little hot fixinI reach for that bottle of mammas God damn hot chiliSmooth tender chunks with chili beansFilled with mamma's hot bastard bacon bitsAnd drizled with just the right amount of thick savery sauceDrippin with noodle nuggets and texas tough onionsMmmm mmmmm thats hot, God damn hot!Ask for it by nameThanx fellas, alright yo were backMy next guest pioneered the sound of rapHe's come a long way from the lbcPlease welcome snoop d o double gLook up in the sky it's a bird it's a planeIt's the big dogg yo fuckin wit the insaneClowns, get down nigga I represent the townHey yo violent j lets go half on this poundI stay gangsta lay fine, I drop the bombThey call me snoop dogg and I can raise your armSo any dick that seem to disagree with meStep up and watch your motha fuckin ass meet defeatSnoop, what? , you got platnium on your wallWhere all the fools starin scratch there ballsThey wanna be like you, they wanna try ta steal your flowsYo, why is that so? It's like everywere I look, and everywere I goSome bitch ass nigga tryin to steal my flowBut I don't pay 'em no attention, oh should I mentionI'm all about the money and riddin in cars with suspensionBounce makin on the corners smokin dopeSmokin that weed hangin out with my lopes and folksDon't give a fuck about nothin at allThats why I'm known to the worldAs big motha fuckin snoop dogg, niggaSnoop dogg everybodyNow we gotta bring a close to the partyThanx violent j, my lopeAnd thank you snoop for that bag of smokeJoin us next time for the showWe'll have that one bitch from letters to cleoThats it for now, I'm out this bitchHey yo gangsta funk, show 'em how ya got rich!

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