INSANE CLOWN POSSE - Nothing's Left Lyrics

Ain't nothin left here for meSo I'm out this bitchFuck stayin hereI'm buzzin the fuck all the boutWe out this motha fucka right nowTheres no story that ain't been toldThere ain't no gimic that ain't been soldTheres no ocean that never been swamTheres no jaba that ain't been slamedThere ain't no road that ain't been traveledThere ain't no doctor that ain't been baffledAin't no thug that never criedAin't no preacher that never liedTheres no rumor that ain't been passedAin't no question that no one askedTheres no tree that won't get choppedTheres no bomb that won't get droppedAin't no path that no ones laidAin't no beast that ain't been afraidTheres no feat that no one canTheres no saga that never beganAin't no snow that didn't meltTheres no punch that ain't been feltTheres no skill that no ones learnedTheres no planet that he ain't turnedTheres no fued that never disolvedThere ain't no problem that ain't been solvedTheres no tale that no ones toldTheres no beauty that won't get oldTheres no garden the sun ain't beamed onTheres no shoulder that ain't been leaned onTheres no color that ain't been seenPurple, yellow, forest greenTheres no desert that ain't seen rainNobody here that ain't felt painTheres no bigot that ain't been clownedTheres no treasure that I ain't foundAin't no cave they never exploredAin't no mother that ain't been ignoredTheres no leader that ain't been ledTheres no blood that ain't been shedTheres no dish they never madeAin't no brick they never laidEverything left's been done beforeNothings new, no were to exploreOn the day the wagons comeI'll just pray that you let me on (repeat)Hey jack jeckel flyTwist and spin to the other side (repeat)

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