INSPECTAH DECK - Longevity Lyrics

[intro: inspectah deck]Uh, yea.In my time, I've seen a lot of people come and go.A lot of new faces, been to a lot of new places.Wherever we went, we always held it down.While we conquered new grounds. it's a universal sound.The witty unpredictable talent and natural game.Yo...[chorus (x2): inspectah deck]Not many last in the gameWu-tang come through, breakin out the same way we cameThis is not an act, this is actual factsNothin but experience placed upon the tracks[inspectah deck]We stand perpendicular with no flawsBreakin all laws, plus jaws, the writin's on the wallsHeartless, starvin artists, out to get our'sRegardless, marvelous doctrics, we shot thisFist of the black lotus, bustin out the steel cageIron mic duel made the front pageOutlaws, out for your's, get down on all foursRebel with a cause, without a force to the scorePillagin with 'donna cap's, the personna rapsHittin like a quarter back, blistered on the trackFully-auto, cop the mic blow, strike lowHigh-caliber flow move the crowd, twist your torso2009, block party, bobby digital, pop corks to usAnd the god's we trust, it's adjustTo the highs that we bring with the lowsAnd the mr. hell speakin out in morse codeRunnin wild like dogs out the kennel through the venueSimple chemistry, vitamins plus the mineralsOrganic vowels, consonants, syllablesCondition critical, ill individualPaint a picture too vivid for the visualMaterial rips through to the gristle[chorus (x2)][u-god]Yo, the measures in my music grab you, stuck in my sentenceGot to spit from the bottom less pit, speakin my vengeanceMasked avenger never surrender my heritageKillah hill resident, 5'10 be my measurementOn land we stand under flags as confederatesYou think you rule, pitty the fool when the shell dropsHot bodies scream to the extreme, damn, I'm delicateWe livin irrevant, intelligent, dirty habitLake full of fragments, abandon all 10 commandmentsDamage is done as the records spins, hatred in my featuresUntamed, thus these cold blooded creatures bustArchitect gladiator radiates the powerErupt with corrupt minds, locked in the towerThe crook's pressure cooked invasion be destroyedSelf-employed paranoid androids[inspectah deck]My rhyme cold winds clear streets and slams shuttersBasic instinct to tear the roof off the motherDrastic verbal gymnastics, far from the averageHold the planet like galactusLone ranger ancester scroll with zone bangersNever met a force deadly as my own angerClutched performer, raised on the blood soaked cornersA real life with real tight feds, they brain on yaAnd not many last on

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