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IRON MAIDEN - The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner Lyrics

The tough of the trackWith the windAnd the rain that's beating down on your backYour heart's beating loudAnd goes on getting louderAnd goes on even more 'til theSound is ringing in your headWith ebery step you treadAnd every breath you takeDeterminationMakes you run never stopGot to win got to run 'til you dropKeep the pace hold the raceYour mind is getting clearerYou're over half way thereBut the miles they never seem to endAs if you're in a dreamNot getting anywhereIt seems so futileRun on and onRun on and onThe lonliness of the long distance runnerI've got to keep running the courseI've got to keep running and win at all costsI've got to keep going be strongMust be so determined and push myself onRun over stiles across fieldsTurn to look at who's on your heelsWay ahead of the fieldThe line is getting nearer but doYou want the glory that goesYou reach the final stretchIdeals sre just a traceYou feel like throwing the raceIt's all so futile

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