DMX - The Rain Lyrics

Uh.. uh.. uh, uh, uh

It's not that we gotta do what we do
It's what we know, so to me it ain't nuttin but bein true but

It doesn't have to be the way it is, you say it is
Just because for the past 20 years, every day it is

I wanna be able to walk out my front door
Without worryin about comin in conflict with the law, cause

If I follow Him, they'll follow me
And I'll speak life into the word that you can see

We get away with everyday shit, but everyday shit
catches up to you and when it does you can't say shit!

If I don't, you will, when I won't, you steal
What makes it feel like we gots to kill?

How many more lives must we lose?
How many more times must we choose to trust these fools?

If it ain't broke, don't fix it
I gave it to you straight don't mix it twist it up on some slick shit

I don't have to talk to it any more
I don't have to walk to it any more, I'm out the door

I wanna find peace with the Lord
I don't wanna find a beast with the sword, I can't afford to

When every day of my life
Is a constant fight between wrong and right

I thank you Lord for my life
Thank you Lord for keepin it loose when things got tight

Only I can stop the rain
Only I can stop the pain, yeahh

Only I can stop, the rain, stop, the rain, yeahh - WHAT?
... GRRRR, only I (only I) can stop (can stop) the rain (the rain)
Only I can stop the rain, cause the rain falls on me

Only I can stop the rain

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