Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Shoot 'Em Up Lyrics

Shoot shoot shoot 'em up, shoot 'em up, shoot 'em up [x4]
Twelve gauges bust up in ya playa hatas we be quick to pin ya
You know, we know, you don't wanna roll
Cause then we give it to you, we're gonna bring it to you, oh yeah...

Right off the job, ooh now I gots ta let ya know,
When you seen betta be rollin' with tha big shot guns
And we deep when we creep never sleepin' and we droppin'
Dead bodies on fools who wanna get dumb enough
Now that you know like that
These niggaz come around they don't know how to act, in fact
I'm at the track in tha back with a couple of my cats in the hood
Smokin' weed and up to no good
Red Dog in the trunk and we rollin' that bank
Slang that bud on over yo thug
So me and tha rest of these thugs can marinate, marinate
We straight get high, so high
That's how my mental, that's how my mental stay
It's like parlay parlay like every day
Don't think on tha pimp, playa hatin'
But ya betta be pinnin' yo self
I cuts in with tha M-11, 357
Automatic weapons from my shelf.
These niggaz wanna take my health, my wealth check yo self
Tryin' to get in but they couldn't win
We took it to tha head with a fifth of weed now we in a 500 Benzo we roll-roll.
Drop tha top, lock tha locks, cock tha glock,
'Bout ta hit this corna,
Livin like a thugs on tha real who's stronga
When I put on ya, all playaz gonnaz

Murda mo murda mo murda mo murda dem all, they fall, dey fall
Buck-buck, oh yeah
Niggaz be gettin' they pistols finna,
And fuck with tha real mothafuckas
They fuck with us when we puff bitch
Ooh because we gonna put you back up in yo trunk quick
Hey, and 44 mag don't go and
Tha little nigga don't know betta, 357 put that ass in a matter
Execution, i'll be shootin' round
"Leavin' em off on ya raw"
Ya plot me cause you watch me
My nigga you know you watchin me now
When bitch niggaz run up and try me
I'm flippin up outta my shit with some shit to be keepin' you wonderin' redrum
And fo sure we lit em up good
And you can still find me where
You know East 99, drug dealers and po-po and St. Clair
Going back to the mo
And it's Cleveland Cleveland
You know we thuggin' and thievin' thievin'
There's somebody who got beef, we got millions to make
A whole notha record
For you see my niggaz we comin' with nothin to lose
And bitch if you try me anybody mine plus
Bloody bodies trying to get out of tha room
If I could just look up and see ya dyin' iyin, iyin and flippin' my mind
Whereever you dig em quiet
The get past on tha ride right bang
That's tha way you get a man, get a man
Sneak up on him and you kill him
And he won't fuck with you no more.
You havin a party
With that weed goin up in ya body
Smokers chill
My niggaz they got me sloppy
High oh so so high

Come on come on don't be shy let's get high
We got tha herb, if you want some, want some
We got weed indeed you need some, need some
Oh yeah
I know this just might sound crazy, but lately
Gotta roll wit' my gun
Cause tha hatas they hate me
When they heard that nigga bone
Niggaz somehow someway get paid
Even if they hate that buck to tha bang
Good thing I got a gat cause we rhyme tight rhymes
Had to thug out but it came in time
Just two times
And if you give it to me
My thugs gon' give it to you
So people pull back its cool
Somebody's head gon' get blown
Bone, doin ya best on that
Hey, hey, hey
Go and fix with yo pistols and get with that buck to tha bang, bang, bang
Nigga wanna roll with bone it's on
But nigga we cool, we cool
Don't forget playa hataz gettin'
That buck to tha bang
All up in tha body, got 'em got 'em
We won't be slippin' we might just be peepin' you all tha time
I'm comin' I'm gunnin'
And put that on tha dolla man...

Shoot 'em up always, St. Clair breakin' you off and, you lossin', betta look to
falsin', that'll be coffins for all of ya offspring
Well that'll be coffins for all of ya offspring
For tha police on the corna'
Creepin up because tha soldiers
Well they betta be watchin' on of them St. Clair niggaz
Puttin' it together to grab the doja
Well I know ya, see now you jumpin' about yo shit you
Ready with a gang of bitches for you
Ready and willing to do it to you, be my thang,
That buck, buck to smoke jane
See some of these niggaz say that nigga was bullshit
With that Bizzy maintain
Well it be that north coast homie
That city where tha St. Clair niggaz sell dope on it
Police want to search you for nothin' but that skunk
So it's on bitch bang
Feel it bitch cause my trigga' fingaz a bitch
Ho I be puttin em down with my click
I stood em all, and still play
And rest my nine up when I'm fuckin with y'all
Slangin my dogs to dem all
Niggaz mention little Bizzy, but it's all good
I still ball, and I'm knowin' you knowin no snatching no souls no nigga be
Cause as I'm flowin already gave my niggas a fifth and we lit in a doorway here
Clair, stickin' up tha sto'
What did you think i'm scared
There you are
What did you think i'd bring you down...

Chorus [x4]

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