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Nofx - San Francisco Fat Lyrics

Hollywood is a breeding ground for assholes
Egos get as big, as Billy Corgans (THAT'S BIG!)
Skinny girl, eat some more food!
Muscleman, you look like a fucking freak!

Hollywood is a nice place for the weekend
Not a place, for a nice person to live (I DO!)
Movie star, no one likes you
How d'ya learn, to be so fucking mean?

Take me home (TO) sweet West bay
Big women (Ooo) Stinky's peepshow
This Thursday (YEAH)
Glamour pussy and some New York band

Let's go (LET'S GO!)

Los Angeles, ÃœBER ALLES
Or at least, that's what they like to believe

Take me home (TO) sweet West bay
Big women (Ooo) Stinkey's peepshow
This Thursday (YEAH)
Boobzilla flattens out Dick Tokyo

Let's go (LET'S GO!)

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