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HEART - Soul Of The Sea Lyrics

Today you looked around to my heart's callThis tiny life ain't been strangled after allTime, time, time, timeNever ask what's become of usJust dedicate your sorrowHere and nowTo the soul of the seaAnd meRushin' to meYou turned around to my song's callYou dreamer in the sandJust lie there laughing til the fallKindest loverI can't stay alone tonightBring me all your loveHere and nowCome rushin' to meWake up lateWithout a smileTelephone ringsYou run like a childOn the streetInto the dayThe people I meetHave nothing to sayNo smileNo sorrowNo laughterNo tomorrowThey talk hen to henThey talk about their menAnd practice all the tricks for themToo soon nightime's coming onDeep in the darkness feeling aloneNo rainNo seedNo dreamsNo silenceFar away todayMama ocean hold me to youRock me on your wavesAnd tell me...Is it all true? Time, time, time, timeNever ask what's become of usDedicate your sorrowHere and nowTo the soul the sea and me

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