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Chamillionaire - Flow (Runnin' The Game) Lyrics

You can lick the dick on a stick
If you don't think that I'm the ish
You mad cuz you suck like some lips on a big tit
Hoe? No, I'ma laugh
Ice clearer then fiber glass
U niggaz denyin da blast
Don't hide cuz we'll find ya ass
Chamillion is kinda mad
I wreck like I'ma crash
Make niggas rewind it fast
Tow-trucks wanna sign my ass
So much..ice on my chest
under my nose, on my golds
These hoes be thinkin' I was raised by rich eskimo's
I'ma walkin' Fort Knox
Oops, my fork dropped
It's okay, I ride more chops then chop-sticks and porkchops
At a chinese buffet, trickin' tricks you got me bent
Money spent, never lent sooo you can't have a cent
Ya boyfriend talkin' bout, "Hey, where that bastard went"
When I grab ya ass and then act like it was a accident
I'ma walkin' accident cuz everywhere I go I wreck
I'm as throwed as what ya throw to your pet when playin' fetch
Neva gone off that wet, I see a big group of groupies
Cuz you wrapped in coochie in Gucci don't mean you ain't a hoochie
Salute me when you see me, play fetch with fake breasts
All thinkin' bout which Swisha House niggas to rape next
Watch when Lil' Wayne get mad if I said I make fresh
Give me all his beats, lunch money and paycheck
Yes, damn that was what I was gonna say next
Well nevermind rewind to where I was talkin' bout fake breasts
Believe I keep heat wit bullets that heat seats
My beeper got more beeps then a Bentley horn, *beep beep*
My pager got more pages than a Webster's Dictionary
I do mo dirt than a busy gravedigger at a cemetary
Nigga you got beef? *Powww* we ate plex
"Peek-a-Boo" now u gotta peep hole in ya A-Virex
Got em bouncin' like fake checks
And throwin they sets
Cuz I'm the throwdest to ever wreck a cd or tape deck

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