GOMEZ - Wham Bam Lyrics

I'm gonna walkI'm gonna walk down to the seaAnd then I'll swimThen I'll swim until I see youI'm going to a place that windsAnd I'll climb a mountainsideAnd I'll be thereI will be there just in timeWham bam!I hope to meet youWham bam!I hope to meet you, babyGoddamn!I hope to meet youWham bam!I'd like to thank you, ma'amWell, alrightI'm gonna crawlI'm gonna crawl down on my kneesAnd like a snakeI'm gonna slither through the reedsI'll leave a trailYeah, I'll leave a trail of chimesAnd if you see meIf you seek then you will findWham bam!I'm gonna meet youWham bam!I'm gonna meet you, babyGoddamn!I'm gonna meet youWham bam!I'd like to thank you.. ma'amWell, alrightI'm gonna digI'm gonna dig until I bleedI'll get so deepGet so deep, I'll plant my seedI'm gonna mineI'm gonna mine 'til I'm out of timeBut when I strikeYeah, I'll strike and then we'll findWham bam!I'm bound to meet youWham bam!I'm bound to meet you, babyGoddamn!I'm bound to meet youWham bam!I'd like to thank you, ma'amWell, alrightWell, alrightWell, alright

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