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GOMEZ - Tijuana Lady Lyrics

Take me down to where you hideLay me down, lay me down insideWhat use now, hold back this pacific tideTijuana lady where did you goI been chasin' you around old mehicoGonna find my way back to san diegoBaby where'd you hideTake me down to where you hide*play me around, leave me all your sadnessMake no sound, cos I know you'll lieTijuana lady, let's take it slowI know that I'm no head honchoI'll keep you warm in my silky ponchoTijuana lady where did you goI heard you lost a last sombreroTijuana lady which way d'you flow*I'm a el mariachi desparado [the film desparado is a remake of the film el mariachi, both by robert rodriguez. any connection? ]Where'd you hideTell me where'd you hide*enchilada desparado daysSenorita come back and meet me againBuona vista, senorita, yeahI love you so come back, be with me again

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