GOMEZ - Rosalita Lyrics

Rosalita's crawling round the kneesRest my head, she's calling to meIn my dreams she's there for meBut open my eyes to see you thereI am fallingSweetness, since you left meIt's been your flag I'm flyingBut I'm sick of cryingWhy did you choose to deceive me? Was your plan just to kiss, fuck and leave me? So, considerately, just please talk to meI won't portray myself so pitifullyMy little conceit, you seeIs that I will never need you more than nowRosalita's walking out on meClose the door, she's stalling, I seeShe's so sweet, but not for meBut as we sit around and laugh aboutShe's trying to call meDarling, though you hurt meIt's not from my lack of tryingYou've got a fear of flying highYou have lost your patienceI see myself sink in your estimationsForget the salutationsJust please study these tearsYour bitter words they just confirm my fearsGonna let it fuck up all the yearsYet I will not need you more than nowBeautiful bitch, I could consider this a simple glitchYou're just a hopeless stitch in timeBut then for your crimesPlease find yourself a little guilty with these linesGot your conscience on my mindBecause I could not need you moreOh, I could not need you moreYeah, I could not need you more than nowCould not need you more than now

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