GOMEZ - So Lyrics

So, it's alright nowIt's alright nowSo settle downI will be aroundGod only knows why I'm so mildBut I'm the one who'll be aroundWhen the cat's among the pigeons and the word is getting roundI say it's alright now, it's alright nowIt's alrightSo, is it alright now? It's alright nowSo settle downI won't share that frownWhen the cat's among the pigeonsAnd the word is getting roundWhen the promises are brokenAnd the premise is unsoundI'll say it's alright nowWhen the secret's somehow spokenAnd they're trying to steal the crownI'll say it's alright nowIt's alright nowIt's alrightGod only knows just where I'm boundBut I'm the one who'll stay aroundWhen the clowns are tryin' to steal your crownI'll just say it's alright now

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