GLORIA ESTEFAN - Here We Are Lyrics

Here we areFace to faceWe forget, time and placeHold me nowDon't let goThough it hurts and we both knowThe time we spend together's gonna flyAnd everything you do to meIs gonna feel so rightBaby when you're loving meI feel like I could cry'cause there's nothing I can doTo keep from loving youHere we areAll aloneTrembling hearts, beating strongReaching out, a breathless kissI never thought could feel like thisI want to stop the time from passing byI wanna close my eyes and feel your lips are touching mineBaby when you're close to meI want you more each timeAnd there's nothing I can do, to keep from loving you(bridge)There's nothing I can doI'm helpless in your armsOh baby what you doI'm in love, this is itThere's no turning back this timeNo no noHere we areOnce againBut this time we're only friendsFunny worldSometimes liesBecome the game, when love's the prizeAnd though no one knows what's going on insideAnd all the love I feel for youIs something I should hideWhen I have you close to meThe feeling's so sublimeThat there's nothing I can doTo keep from loving youNo, no, no, can't keep from loving you baby no, no, no

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