GINUWINE - Why Not Me Lyrics

Why not meIs it that I'm too ghetto for youWhy not meGirl theres nothing I won't cop for youWhy not meI'm here to give you all your dreamsI'm dedicatedNo time to wastingI'll fulfill your every needIt ain't a thangIm far from a lameGirl it's all to the goodYoure by yourself I'm all aloneAnd we're both from the hoodYour playing hard to get nowThats probably why your by yourself nowBut I caught your eye when you walked byAnd you persist to try to entertainAll of them things that you probably just heardNone of it's true and thats my wordBaby don't believe a thing you hear nowThe haters are always on my back nowBut you feel me and this I knowSo wont you just let goTell me whyChorusId like to think I'm a good guy so tell me why not meCant blame you though if all your ex-boyfriends did you shadyBut don't take that out on me girlOops I got to take it back it's your worldBaby I'm just that guy ill show you whyIf you just give me one tryIm telling you I don't get down like thatCant play the roleOr play myselfI just got to get in thats for sureGot a little moneyI spit game to the honeysBut you're all a nigga needsI wont give you chicken feedChorusYou should tell me something sometingCant imagine me just wantingPut your cards out on the tableBaby I'm willing and ablePicture that me dippin on yaWhat the use if I'm up on yaIm the one you searched so long forGive me one chance and youll want no moreChorus

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