AEROSMITH - Luv Lies Lyrics

Oh when you cross that lineThat you know you can't erase,To fall in lust not luvAin't no sin at allAnd tell me when you're withYou're best friends friendDo you still feel out of placeNo thanks I took that rideGod only knows I've tried believinI imagine everyone sometimesWill cross their heart andHope to dieTo tell I luv you liesThe first time you look for loveYou find you don't know jackSo much for mind gamesYou play to winCuz first you loseYour heart's desireThen you get it backBut ignorance ain't blissThere's so much more behind the kissI'm feelinI imagin everyone sometimesWill cross their heartAnd hope to dieTo tell I luv you liesI imagine everyone survives,Forgiving all up that you gotTo tell I luv you liesWhen lonliness and paranoia feeds meGod help the person who needs meIf ignorance is blissTake me off the listI'm leavingI imagine everyon sometimesWill cross their heart and hope to dieTo tell I love you liesI imagine everyone survivesFor giving all up that you gotTo tell I love you lies

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