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AEROSMITH - Love In An Elevator Lyrics

Workin' like a dog for the boss manWorkin' for the companyI'm bettin' on the dice I'm tossin'I'm gonna have a fantasyBut where am I gonna lookThey tell me that love is blindI really need a girl like an open bookTo read between the lines(chorus)Love in an elevatorLivin' it up whn I'm goin' downLove in an elevatorLovin' it up till I hit the groundJackie's in the elevatorLingerie second floorShe said 'can I see you laterAnd love you just a little more'I kinda hope we get stuckNobody gets out aliveShe said 'I'll show you how to faxIn the mailroom, honeyAnd have you home by five'(chorus)In the air, in the air, honey one more timeNow it ain't fairLove in an elevatorLovin' it up when I'm goin' downLove in an elevatorGoin' down(chorus)Gonna be a penthouse pauperGonna be a millionareI'm gonna be a real fast talkerAnd have me a love affairGotta get my timin' rightIt's a test that I gotta passI'll chase you all the way to stairway, honeyKiss your sassafrass

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