AEROSMITH - Last Child Lyrics

(I'm dreaming tonight, I'm leaving back home)Right!Take me back to a south tallahasseeDown cross the bridge to my sweet sassafrassyCan't stand up on my feet in the cityGotta get back to the real nitty grittyYes sir, no sirDon't come close to myHome sweet homeCan't catch no doseOf my hot tail poon tang sweetheartSweathog ready to make a skilk purseFrom a j paul getty and his earWith her face in the beerHome sweet homeGet out in the fieldPut the mule in the stableMa she's a cookin'Put the eats on the tableHate's in the cityAnd my love's in the meadowHands on the plowAnd my feets in the gettoStand up, sit downDon't do nothingAin't no good when boss man'sStuffin' down their throatsWith paper notesAs babies cryWhen you're rockin' in the streetHome sweet homeMama, take me home sweet homeI was the last childJust a punk in the streets(repeat)

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