GOO GOO DOLLS - So Far Away Lyrics

Why do you stare me down? Am I wrong, should I turn and kiss the ground? And I never felt that wayI ain't the one and you know I ain't from such a placeAnd I didn't get those thingsThings that you can't growYou say that it's all my faultAnd I don't need to knowTell me something I don't knowAnd I'll find that I'm always looking 'round behind meYou say that it's all been said beforeNow I find that there's something I don't knowAnd I hate your attitudeI ain't scared at allCuz it don't matter what you doAnd I'll turn around to see the truthYou're tearing it down, ya you're bringing it downAnd it's all on youAm I wrongI don't knowAnd I say thatIf you break enough glassAnd there's no one to hear in your heart full of hateBut your mind's full of fear, let it goSo far away (3x)

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