GOO GOO DOLLS - Slide Lyrics

SlideCould you whisper in my earThe things you want to feelI'll give you anythingTo feel it comin'Do you wake up on your ownAnd wonder where you areYou live with all your faultsChorus:I wanna wake up where you areI won't say anything at allSo why don't you slideYeah we're gonna let it slideDon't you love the life you killedThe priest is on the phoneYour father hit the wallYour ma disowned youDon't suppose I'll ever knowWhat it means to be a manSomething I can't changeI'll live around itChorusAnd I'll do anything you everDreamed to be completeLittle pieces of the nothing that fallOh,may put your arms around meWhat you feel is what you areAnd what you are is beautifulOh,may do you wanna get marriedOr run awayChorus

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