GOO GOO DOLLS - Full Forever Lyrics

And I've had to fightAnother blurred affair tonightEyelids wrestle once againNever gonna see my friendGuided by the blinding whiteHave you left home in spiteKnowing I'm alone tonightWaiting for the light of dayDoesn't matter anywaySomething that I need to sayAnd I've gone undergroundNever hangin' roundShould have made it back againChorus:Why can't the moon stay full foreverWednesday's bad but friday ain't much better. . .someone's hellWhy can't the moon stay full foreverRight now she's got nothin' on her mindWill this neverlandFree me from it's clutching handIt won't release meAnd I've gone undergroundObsessions I have foundCouldn't make it back againChorus

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