GOO GOO DOLLS - Big Machine Lyrics

Ecstacy is all you needLiving in the big machine nowOh, you're so vainNow your world is way too fastNothin's real and nothing lastsAnd I'm awareI'm in love but you don't careTurn your anger into lustI'm still here, but you don't trust at allAnd I'll be waitingLove and sex and lonelinessTake what's yours and leave the restSo I'll surviveGod, it's good to be alive[chorus]And I'm torn in piecesI'm lyin there waiting forMy heart is reelingI'm blind and waiting for youSilly love with all your sinsWait and stop and I beginAnd I'll - I'll be waitin'Livin' like a house on fireWhat you fear is your desireIt's hard to dealI still love the way you feelNow this angry little girlDrownin in this petty worldAnd I'm who you run toSwallow all your bitter pillsThat's what makes you beautifulYou're all a lieI won't leave what you ain't got[chorus]I'm blind and waiting for youI'm blind and waiting for youAnd I can't believe it's coming trueGod, it's good to be aliveI'm still here and waitin' for youAnd I can't believe it's coming trueI'm blind and waiting for you

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