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GOO GOO DOLLS - Ain't That Unusual Lyrics

Could you talk to meHonestly? 'cause I never heard a word you said nowAnd I ain't just being mean'cause all we are is what we're toldAnd most of that's been liesIt's like a made for tv movieAnd I just blew my lineSomeday you never made itAnd maybe it never willHey, you never made itAnd ain't that unusual? Now I feel unknownAnd it's safe that wayAre you too bored to care or too dumb to be scared now? What's that supposed to mean? I'm burned out on some empty reasonsAnother waste of timeThere's somethin' that I wish I'd saidBut I don't think it'd rhymeChorusSee I'd love to be youThen at least then I'd see youSorry I put them words in your mouthBut you wouldn't talk to meHey!Everything I want I haven't gotI'm sick of everything I know I'm notPut my heavy coat on for a whileIt's freezing in the corner of my mindChorus

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